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Error Message - No Playable Source Found

The "No playable source found" error message occurs when Adobe Flash has been disabled or uninstalled for the browser being used. You can choose to enable Adobe Flash for specific web sites or for the entire br...

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Logging out of dough

You can log out of dough and your linked brokerage account from the settings menu that opens up then you click the "MORE" button (will then say "LESS" like the image below!) 2A - Clicking here will log you out...

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Set display of commission rate

As we're not a brokerage firm, when you log in to your brokerage account within dough, we simply connect to TD Ameritrade's servers and act as a front-end trading platform for TD Ameritrade. As a result, we do ...

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Turn on "Privacy Mode"

Privacy mode is a setting within the dough platform that allows users to hide their account values from view. When privacy mode is turned on, values such as Account Number, Net Liq, Today Gain, and Buying Power...

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Change color scheme

There are two distinct color schemes that can be applied to the dough platform. Users can enable either the Dark or Light color scheme. The Dark scheme is commonly used on the tastytrade network.  To change th...

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