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Follow Page: Overview

The follow page allows you to generate new ideas for your own portfolio by seeing what other tastytraders are trading! 1. The IVR of the underlying when the trade was placed. 2. The credit/debit of the fil...

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Do the trades update automatically?

Yes, trades will appear on the Follow trade feed as soon as they are posted by the featured traders. If new trades have been posted since the last time you were on the page, a message will appear above the trad...

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How many trades are available to follow?

We currently show the previous 30 trades placed by each Follow trader. These trades are located on the right side of the Follow page in the trade feed and are listed in chronological order.

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What is displayed on each of the Follow trades?

When you navigate to the Follow page you will be able to view the previous 20 trades placed by each of our featured traders. These trades are located in the trade feed on the right side of the Follow page. Belo...

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