tastyworks Promotion- Redeem Your Bob the Trader Pass

1. Head to manage.tastyworks.com and sign in with your brokerage credentials.

2. Once logged in, click MY PROFILE and then PROMOTIONS.

3. If your account is funded, you will see a button that enables you to generate your promotion code. Click to generate. 

4. Once the code is generated, click the red button to be sent to tastytrade to finish up the redemption process.

5. . If you’re an existing tastytrade member, you can simply sign in with your tastytrade credentials. Note: you do not automatically have a tastytrade login if you have a tastyworks login. If you’re brand new, click JOIN NOW to enter your preferred email address and password to complete your redemption. ** IF YOU ARE RECEIVING A MESSAGE TO "CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT" BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE EMAIL SUPPORT@TASTYTRADE.COM. **

6. Once you’re logged in, your generated code will auto-fill. Click “Redeem subscription!” to kick off your 2 year pass! IF YOU HAVE A RE-CURRING PASS, YOUR RE-CURRING PASS WILL CANCEL WHEN YOU ACTIVATE YOUR PROMO CODE!

7. Once you click REDEEM, a congratulations message will appear letting you know the pass is live! From there, you can now:
  • Download and sync up with your iOS or Android Mobile Device! Learn More
  • Sync up your pass on trade.tastyworks.com! Learn More
  • Sync up your pass on the tastyworks Downloadable platform! Learn More
DON'T FORGET-- This pass also allows you to see the weekly "CHERRY PICKS" newsletter from our Research Team! For more information, click here!


QUESTIONS ABOUT BOB THE TRADER? Email support@tastytrade.com

tastyworks, Inc. ("tastyworks") is a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA, NFA and SIPC.  tastyworks is a wholly owned subsidiary of dough, Inc. d/b/a tastytrade (“tastytrade”). tastytrade is a trademark/servicemark owned by tastytrade.

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