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What is the Grid?

The grid page on tastyworks is a feature that allows you to keep an eye on a number of underlyings at one time. Instead of creating a boring list, we've created tiles that house all the information you need! Check it out below:

  •  Ticker Symbol - This is the symbol that a company trades under. In this case, Burger King trades under BKW.
  • Notable Stock - A blue ribbon will appear on the tile if a stock is notable. We consider a stock to be notable if it has heavy option volume, a high IV rank, a low IV rank, or if earnings are coming up.
  • Earnings - An "E" will appear above the ribbon if earnings are near.
  • Stock - The "S" indicates that the underlying is a stock. If this was an index, it would read "IDX"
  • Net Change - This is the net change of the stock price for the day. Negative numbers will be encompassed by parenthesis.
  • Up Tick - This symbol indicates if the last mark was an up tick or down tick. If it was a down tick, it would appear red and it would be pointing down.
  • Price - This is the current price of the underlying. Net change on the day is listed just above this number.
  • IV Rank - The large number in the center is the underlying's IV Rank. High IV Rank has a darker shade, and low IV Rank has a lighter shade.

The grid page in demo mode does not have the same functionality as the grid page in brokerage mode. You cannot add or edit watchlists in demo mode, and you cannot see all of the additional features on the right panel.

Logging into your brokerage account enables full functionality.

A GREEN tile means the stock price is up on the day, a RED tile means the stock price is down on the day, and a GRAY tile means the price is unchanged that day. 

For a refresher of what the information on each tile means, click on the keys along the top of the screen. You can see from this image that the brokerage mode enables a gear next to the keys, which allows you to edit watchlists. You can click here to learn more about watchlists, and click here to learn more about the filter to the left.

Along the right panel, you can view the quote information for this stock, which is currently shown. You can also view an earnings list, any alerts you have set, and working orders as well!

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions!

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