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My Video Looks Blurry or Out of Focus

We recommend using Chrome of FireFox as the default browser.

If you're watching tastytrade live and notice the stream suddenly gets blurry or out of focus, don't panic; there's not a problem with your computer. 

Your browser felt that the stream was taking up too many resources and lowered the quality to reduce bandwidth usage. 

If that happens to you, then your video player's "Auto" function is throttling your bandwidth too often and the following two steps will help you disable auto. 

1) Mouse over the video player. This will bring up a new playback bar at the bottom of the video window. To the right of the "Go Live" button is the video quality button and the button we want to click. 

2) Once you locate the video quality button, click on it to have the stream quality drop down window appear. If your stream is set to auto, the word "Auto" will be highlighted, which is causing all of your headache. Click "Med" (or medium) to adjust your quality to the medium setting first. 

The stream takes about 10 seconds to adjust to the new setting, but after that the stream will constantly play at the quality setting you adjusted to. 

Feel free to adjust between High, Med and Low to find what looks the best and does not leave your browser throttling the bandwidth. 

Hope that helps and stay tasty!

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