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IV Rank

IV Rank puts context around the current level of implied volatility within an underlying. tastyworks calculates IV Rank by taking the current level of implied volatility relative to the range that implied volatility has traded in over the past year, and ranking it on a scale between 0-100.

For Example, if the lowest level of implied volatility for a given stock over the past year was 30%, the highest level was 60%, and the current level is 45%, the stock will have an IV Rank of 50  as the 45% level is in the middle of the range between 30% and 60%.

tastyworks displays IV Rank very easily for you on the grid page (web based) and trade page. On the Grid page, each stock tile will have a number encompassed by a circle. That is the underlyings IV Rank. To remind you that the IV Rank scale is from 0-100, we leave low IV rank circles empty, and fill them up with color as they reach 100:

On the trade page, IV Rank is displayed just to the right of the ticker symbol search bar.

Adding implied volatility rank into our arsenal of strategies not only increases our probability of success, but adds another dimension to ways we can be profitable trading options!

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