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Podcasts for an Android Device

What you will need if using an Android device:

  • Make sure your Android is updated with the latest software
  • Download the podcast app for Android, we like to use Podcast Addict
  • Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection

To download or stream the tastytrade podcast, you must first subscribe to the tastytrade podcast within your podcast application. To do this, first search tastytrade in the app, and click the subscribe button.


After you have subscribed to the tastytrade podcast, click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the screen. A drop down will appear and you will need to click “Podcasts”.



Next you will select the show you would like to watch. Which will populate a list of episodes.


From this list select the episode you wish to view, by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the show rectangle. This will give you the options to stream the episode by clicking play or downloading it with the download button.



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