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I'm Having Trouble With Live Streaming

We recommend using Chrome of FireFox as the default browser.

Are you having trouble keeping a steady stream? This article should help you out with that!

Both tastyworks web & tastytrade video streams have bit-rates that you can manually select. A bit-rate is a measure of how many bits are processed over a period of time. For tastyworks web & tastytrade, we measure kilobits per second (kbps). The higher the bit-rate the better the video quality will be, and the lower the bit-rate the lower the video quality will be. As you may have guessed, lower bit-rates have an easier time holding a steady stream than higher bit-rates.

Each website's default setting is "auto-select", which may be the cause of a choppy feed if you don't have a very stable internet connection. Changing the bit-rate is very easy, but a little different on each website. 


  • You can hover over video player to pop out the menu, and select the bit-rate Grid in the lower right corner.


tastyworks web:

  • When you are playing the broadcast, hover over the player to pop out the menu. Just like tastytrade, you can adjust the bit-rate on the lower right corner where it says HD.


  • High bitrate = Higher quality video, harder time holding stream
  • Low bitrate = Lower quality video, easier time holding stream
  • You can manually adjust the bitrate that is best for you by following the instructions above!

I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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