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Three Device Error on Android

So you got a new android phone and you want to see Tom's trades on it. Right on. But when logging in, are you seeing this error?

Three devices? This is your only phone or tablet. 

If this is happening, then our servers aren't recognizing the new android operating system on your device and we'll have to manually remove the lock. It's easier than it sounds; just follow these steps.

1) Skip the log in for now and head to the next page of Bob The Trader. We'll be able to log in later

Click "View Sample Trades" on this page.

2) On this sample page, you'll see an "email support" button. Click on that.


Then, fill out the information in the support ticket. 

3) After we get your email, we will remove the lock on your device and you will be able to log into Bob The Trader. Wait for our email confirming the lock was removed and then log in.

To get there, click the wrench in the top right of the main Bob page.


And log in after with your tastytrade account.

If you have any more issues after that point, feel free to email us. We can always be reached at 


Hope that helps and stay tasty!

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