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Set display of commission rate

As we're not a brokerage firm, when you log in to your brokerage account within dough, we simply connect to TD Ameritrade's servers and act as a front-end trading platform for TD Ameritrade. As a result, we do not have access to any of your account information and therefore have no idea what your actual commission rate is.

We understand that it's important to see the commission rate you're paying when you trade, as this is factored into the overall profit or loss of a trade. So, our team of super developers added a feature to the dough Settings page where users can manually enter the commission rate assigned to their account. This rate will then be displayed on the Review and Send page when confirming a trade.

Remember though, entering the commission rate on the Settings page simply displays the value on the Review and Send page, it doesn't actually determine the rate you assigned to your brokerage account.   

To set the commission rate display, first navigate to the Settings page and then enter the rate under the "Commissions & Fees" section. You can set the commission rate display for both stocks and options. 


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