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The follow page allows you to generate new ideas for your own portfolio by seeing what other tastytraders are trading! 

1. The IVR of the underlying when the trade was placed.

2. The credit/debit of the filled trade.

3. The probability of profit for the trade when placed.

4. Current price of the underlying that was traded.

5. Original price of the underlying at the time the trade was filled.

6. The specifics of the trade. From left to right: Bought/Sold options, to Open/Close position, # of Contracts, Expiration Day, Days till expiration, option strike, Put(P)/Call(C)

7. The time stamp for when the order was filled. A "Fresh" order indicates a trade made within the last 2 hours.

8. Clicking the "Trade" button will bring the selected trade up onto the trade page to review. The "Grid" button will allow you to add the underlying to a watch list. The chain button will show the start to finish trade including the rolling orders for that trade. (This feature is still a work in progress)

9. The values in each traders tile are:

  • POP - Overall probability of profit of the traders current positions. 
  • TROC - "tastytrade return on capital" which is theta / buying power reduction (annualized). 
  • The colored dot in the bottom left corner of the tile represents the traders experience level: Purple = Novice, Blue = Intermediate, Orange = Advanced
  • The bottom right corner shows the portfolios overall delta. 

10. Clicking this button will show more about the trader, including a short bio video, account size, portfolio type, and risk level (on a low-high scale of 1 to 5).

11. Clicking the gear will allow you to add or remove traders from the follow feed.

12. The filter will allow you to filter the trades shown in the feed by a specific underlying, date of the trade, or open/closing/earnings trades. If you click on a specific traders tile you can filter that traders trades based on the selected criteria. 


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