How Do I Group a Position?

If you like to place a lot of positions in the same underlying, you're going to love this article!

One of the newer features of tastyworks allows you to group these positions separately, so you can easily track the progress of each trade. Grouping is easy! Let's check out the steps below:

  • First, I'll locate a trade I'd like to group from the "View All" tab on the portfolio page:


  • You can see I have multiple legs here, but I just want to see the P/L for this call spread. Clicking on the legs pulls up a new menu:


  • I can now click group positions, and select one of the preset names or use the drop down to choose "custom group" and create my own name for the position. In this case I used a custom name:


Now that I've grouped the position, it will appear in the NEM drop down with a separate P/L Calculation! To ungroup the position, simply click the X at the right of the screen.

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