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The Where Do I Start? series

If you're new to trading or looking to hone your skills, there is a ton of great information presented on the various Where Do I Start? series. Follow along as hosts Case, Katie, and Nick, learn to master the basics of trading; from their co-hosts Tom, Tony, and Liz and Jenny. 

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WDIS Season 1: Tom & Case

Watch Tom and Case Sosnoff during their first year as a father-daughter team. Tom shares his thirty plus years of trading experience with Case, answering her questions and showing her the ropes. Case gets the answers she needs as Tom explains his trading strategies and breaks down his approach towards the markets. 

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WDIS? In 3 Minutes or Less

We've condensed the first season of the WDIS into quick, 3 minute episodes. If you don't have a ton of time on your hands and want to get straight to the meat of the content, check out WDIS? In 3 minutes or Less on both the tastytrade site and also in the doughjo. 

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WDIS: Back to Cool

Who knew Tony could teach as well as he trades? We've put him up to the task to teach Katie, from our client support team, how to take control of her money. Watch this new duo tackle the tastytrade mechanics at the beginner level.

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WDIS: Trading with LIZ & JNY

Liz and Jenny work with Nick every Wednesday & Friday, teaching him the ins and outs of trading Options. They cover everything from strategies to use when Implied Volatility is low to how to neutralize his portfolio deltas. Nick trades defined risk spreads in a $5,000 account.

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WDIS: Season 2: Tom & Case

tastytrade's one and only father-daughter team are taking it to the next level for year 2! Tom and Case Sosnoff cover the basics of trading futures, explore more complex options strategies, and financial market awareness.

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WDIS: Bat vs. Bat

tastytrade's one and only father-son team are up next! Tony has already proven he can teach even the most novice of traders. But can he mold his son into a trader? Catch tastytrade’s Father-Son team, Tony and Nick Battista, as Nick learns how to trade options from the very beginning and find out if the apple doesn't fall far from the trading tree.

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