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The Where Do I Start? series

If you're new to trading or looking to hone your skills, there is a ton of great information presented on the various Where Do I Start? series.

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WDIS: Back to Cool

Who knew Tony could teach as well as he trades? We've put him up to the task to teach Katie, from our client support team, how to take control of her money. Watch this new duo tackle the tastytrade mechanics at the beginner level.

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WDIS: Bat vs. Bat

tastytrade's one and only father-son team are up next! Tony has already proven he can teach even the most novice of traders. But can he mold his son into a trader? Catch tastytrade’s Father-Son team, Tony and Nick Battista, as Nick learns how to trade options from the very beginning and find out if the apple doesn't fall far from the trading tree.

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WDIS: Options 101

A contrarian at heart, Brittany is stepping outside of her comfort zone to stop the spending and learn how to manage her money. With Dr. Jim, a professor at heart, by her side, she will learn from square one how to trade options, the tastytrade way. Follow along as Dr. Jim and Brittany grows and learn, quite possibly from each other, through their first semester on "Where Do I Start" Options 101.

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WDIS: Options 201

WDIS is back! And today, we look to establish the bridge from where we were with Options 101 to where we are going with Options 201. From the addition of undefined risk strategies to a deeper, more detailed understanding of the Greeks, Brittany has a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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WDIS Futures: Trading Futures w/ Katie

Katie has shown she can handle the options world, so Pete helps her dive into futures on the first episode of WDIS: Trading Futures.

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WDIS Futures: The Fourth Generation

Starting off their WDIS futures segment father Pete and son Christian discuss the basics of futures.  

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WDIS: Back in the Game

Mike teaches Jessica the ropes on this beginner/intermediate WDIS series.

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WDIS: Top Dogs

Tom teaches Howard Tullman how to trade using a larger sized account.

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