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What is Bob the Trader?

Bob the Trader is our app that gives you full insight into what trades Tom Sosnoff, Pete, Liz and Jenny, and Tom's IRA are getting filled in! The app is free to download, and you can subscribe to see Tom’s trades in-app or on the YOUR ACCOUNT page on the tastytrade website!

iOS, Android supported, as well as through the tastyworks platform! You can search for them in the app store on your device.

You can purchase a Premium pass, which gets you all of Tom's trades, as well as Pete, Liz and Jenny, trades, for 7 days ($29.99), 30 days ($99.99), or 365 days ($899.99).

You can purchase an IRA pass (which will feature 1-2 real-time trade(s) each day), which gets you the trades Tom makes in his IRA, for 30 days ($9.99) or 365 days ($99.99).

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