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Grid Page Overview

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As of the update on 3/28/16 the grid page now has three different views! The "TALL" view is the original grid tile view with the full sized stock tiles

The SMALL view will shrink the size of the tiles so you can view more underlyings on the same page: 

The LIST view will provide you more info specific to the underlying:

LAST - Last trading price of the stock

NET CHNG - The net change in $ of the stock today

NET CHNG % - The net change in % of the stock today

BID - The Bid (sell) price of the stock

ASK - The Ask (buy) price of the stock

IV RANK (52W) - The IVR (or IV Percentile) of the underlying based on the which measure is selected on the trade page.

IMPL VOL - The overall implied volatility of the stock

CORR SPY 3M - The 3month correlation to SPY 

VOLUME - The number of stock shares traded today

EVENTS - Lists the earnings and dividend events coming up, with the number of days indicated below. 


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